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Name:Mr. Arief Sujadi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:+6285885658556
Phone Number:+622196297362
Address:P. Tubagus Angke
DKI Jakarta 11460, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Feb. 03, 2011
Last Updated:Feb. 03, 2011
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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Company Brief

We provide professional photography services.

Our main specialty is in wedding photography segment.

Our mission is to build a mutual network among our partners, suppliers, and of course our customers.


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Major Products / Services
  • Product Showcase
    We understand your marketing need to showcase your products specifically to branding preference.

    We will also provide value added consultancy service to accommodate your needs whilst fitting them to the most current trend in visual media design.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography
    Capturing the finest moment to express your romantic moments were critical in creating the right ambiance for your wedding ceremony.

    We'll listen to your concept and definition of the theme that wants to be portrayed in order to deliver only the result that would fit your preference.

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